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Lunch Menu

Charlie’s Restaurant Lunch Menu

Available Monday through Saturday at 11AM and Sunday at noon

Soups and Pub Pies

Served with homemade Irish soda bread

Mulligan’s Stew- Rich and savory Irish beef stew. cup 4.00/bowl 6.00

Anraith an lea (Soup du Jour) – Our chef‘s daily homemade soup. cup 4.00/bowl 6.00

Steak and Guinness Pie- Hearty beef, onion, & leek stew surrounded by a flaky pie crust. 8.00


Walleye Fingerslight and crispy beer battered walleye, served with curry-mustard sauce. 12.00

Maryland Crab CakesServed on a bed of mixed greens with pesto mayo. 12.00

Seafood Creole Stuffed MushroomsZesty, stuffed with lobster, shrimp, & scallops, served with garlic cream sauce. 12.00

Artichoke Spinach DipServed with garlic crostini. 12.00

Buffalo Chicken WingsPaired with celery sticks & our special bleu cheese dip. 10.00

Grilled Chicken QuesadillaChicken, cheese & onions melted together on a flour tortilla, served with sour cream and salsa. 10.00

Reuben QuesadillaCorned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, & thousand island combined on a flour tortilla. Served with horseradish sauce. 10.00

Irish Cheese and Deli PlateA selection of domestic & Irish cheeses & meats, served with fruit and Irish soda bread. 14.00

Smoked Salmon and Trout PlateServed with celery heart salad and homemade soda bread 15.00

Irish Beer-Boiled Shrimp CocktailWith Jameson cocktail sauce 13.00

Salads – Served with a dinner roll

House SaladFresh mixed greens & vegetables served with a choice of dressing. 5.00

Chop SaladChopped romaine, mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, & cucumbers, tossed with house vinaigrette. 5.00

Small Caesar SaladCrisp romaine tossed with our famous house-made Caesar dressing, served with parmesan cheese and croutons 5.00

Caesar SaladCrisp romaine tossed with our famous house-made Caesar dressing, served with parmesan cheese and croutons 8.00 (add grilled chicken for 4.00)

Cobb SaladRomaine, grilled chicken, egg, avocado, bacon, tomato, & bleu cheese crumbles, served with a choice of dressing. 12.00

Grilled Shrimp SaladMixed greens with tomato & kalamata olives, topped with pine nuts, served with champagne vinaigrette. 15.00

Steak Salad- Romaine tossed with cherry tomatoes, red onions, & sliced sirloin, served with bleu cheese and horseradish dressing. 15.00

Chef SaladMixed greens, ham, turkey, egg, tomato, & cheese. Served with a choice of dressing. 12.00


Served with chips- Substitute French fries, sweet potato fries, House Salad, small Caesar Salad, Soup or fruit for $3.00

Build-A-Burger, Beef or Turkey- Half pound patty served with lettuce, tomato & pickles on a toasted bun. 10.00 (Add bacon, cheese, onions or mushrooms, 0.75 each)

“Paddy”-MeltHalf pound burger with grilled onions & melted Swiss cheese on marble rye. 11.00

Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap- Turkey, romaine, tomatoes, onions, bacon, avocado, & ranch dressing, wrapped in a flour tortilla. 9.00

ReubenCorned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, & thousand island on grilled marble rye. 10.00

RachaelTurkey, sauerkraut., Swiss, & thousand island on grilled sourdough. 10.00

Pesto Chicken- Chicken, roasted Roma tomatoes, Swiss cheese, & pesto mayo on grilled sourdough. 10.00

Buffalo ChickenGrilled chicken in buffalo sauce served with bleu cheese dip on a toasted bun. 9.00

Chicken Cordon BleuGrilled chicken topped with ham & Swiss cheese on a toasted bun. 10.00

Charlie’s WalleyeBeer battered on a bun with lettuce & tomato or with fries as “Fish and Chips.” 15.00

Prime Rib Sandwich-Thinly sliced, served on a bun with au jus & horseradish sauce- Limited availability. 12.00


Served with a dinner roll- Add soup, small Caesar or House Salad for $3.00

Pasta PrimaveraPenne & Italian vegetables tossed with flavorful olive oil & garlic. 16.00

Fruit de MerPenne, Sautéed shrimp, scallops, & lobster, tossed with pesto cream sauce. 22.00

Grilled Chicken and Mushroom PastaTossed with penne pasta & garlic cream sauce. 18.00


Available after 5pm Served with vegetable du jour, and choice of: white and wild rice pilaf, au gratin, baked, or colcannon mashed potatoes-

Add soup, small Caesar or House Salad for $3.00

Gaelic Garlic ShrimpFlamed, with Jameson cream sauce. 23.00

Sautéed WalleyeTopped with a lemon & a delicate brown butter sauce. 22.00

Baked SalmonServed in a garlic cream sauce. 20.00

Dublin ScallopsPan seared, topped with bread crumbs & Dijon cream sauce. 25.00

Braised Lamb ShanksSlow cooked with Guinness Stout, served with a savory brown sauce. 25.00

Roast DuckTender half duck with a flavorful demi-glace sauce. 28.00

Porterhouse SteakBig, beautiful 18oz & grilled to order. 36.00 (add mushrooms or grilled onions 2.00)

Rib Eye SteakPepper crusted 14 ounce rib eye, sautéed with green peppercorns, served in a Jameson cream sauce. 28.00

Prime Rib of BeefPrepared medium rare unless otherwise requested, with au jus & horseradish sauce.

(limited availability Friday and Saturday only)  -St. Bridget’s Cut, 13 ounces. 22.00         -Brian Boru’s Cut, 16 ounces. 25.00

Side Plates

French Fries- 4.00   Onion Rings- 5.00   Garlic Penne Pasta- 5.00   Sweet Potato Fries-5.00 

Many of our selections can be prepared gluten free. Please ask your server

Charlie’s requests that you please inform your server of any dietary concerns or constraints. 

Please note there are health risks involved in consuming raw or undercooked meat & fish.